My name is Andrew Jiang LMT, president of the Brightness Massage School for the Blind. I created the Brightness Massage School for the Blind to bring a new and exciting opportunity for higher education and professional training and to create job opportunities for the visually impaired in the growing field of therapeutic massage. BMSB's comprehensive course of studies and lab work will qualify visually impaired persons to enter the workforce in the areas of medical care and the wellness and fitness industry. This education will allow the blind and visually impaired to become more productive and self-supporting individuals, not only in the State of Tennessee, but also throughout the United States creating an overall benefit to society.

China and other Asian nations have long known the advantages of providing education to the visually impaired in the arts of massage. Special massage schools have set up two-year and four-year programs for the sight impaired to encourage them to enter the field of massage therapy. According to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the response to the program has been strong and shown a positive impact. During 2007, over 10,000 individuals were trained for massage therapy in the fitness industry with a 95% job placement percentage. Over 7,000 blind masseurs were trained for entry into the medical care industry.

Unfortunately, the United States has been slow to discover the benefits of educating the blind in the fine arts of massage therapy. Very little has been done to study or expound upon this viable avenue of employment for the blind, who are in large part unemployed and/or receiving government assistance. There are few opportunities as rich as the field of massage therapy for the visually impaired to become more productive members of society and achieve the independence they desire.

The Brightness Massage School for the Blind and Vision-impaired employs the proven, successful Chinese practices for massage schools for the blind and creates a learning environment that is conducive to the specific needs of the visually impaired. In our massage therapy education, students will explore human anatomy and physiology according to current LMT licensing curriculum and also receive exposure to a wide variety of massage modalities all while heightening their already sensitive kinesthetic abilities. In a safe, supportive setting, we will prepare students to meet the challenges they will face as professional members of the health care system.

Best regards,

Andrew Jiang, LMT NCTMB MS MBA
President, Brightness Massage School for the Blind
6180 Macon Road A (Shelby Crossing Shopping Center), Memphis TN 38134
Phone number 901-266-4011