Brightness Massage School for the Blind provides post-secondary education and professional training in all areas of therapeutic reflexology and massage for the blind and visually-impaired. Our comprehensive course of study will include curriculum and lab work to qualify the blind and visually-impaired individuals to perform reflexology therapy and massage therapy, and engage in the business of providing reflexology therapy and therapeutic massage and associated services within the wellness and fitness industry, as well as serve the medical community.

The programs will allow the blind and visually-impaired to become more productive and self-supporting individuals, limited not only to the State of Tennessee, but also to students from throughout the United States. After graduation, students will be able to enjoy their chosen career through the exertion of their unbelievable tactile sensitivity; secure jobs (either as an employee or self-employment); and be able to attain a higher income level and better life through an increase in self worth and service to the community.

Meridian Reflexology Program (200 Contact Hours)
Documented as dating back to 2000 B.C., with its origin in China, Meridian Reflexology Massage is the world's most popular type of reflexology. It uses the stimulus/reflex principles, as well as manipulation applied to certain areas of the human body that are located at a distance from disorders, and its aim is to revitalize the body and restore its natural balance.
Today, Meridian Reflexology Massage has gained recognition as an effective and welcome form of bodywork practiced in hospitals, community health centers, and private health-related offices. It is also practiced for the purpose of self-healing massage because it helps reduce stress, relieve pain, maintain hormones, and promote maintenance of a healthy state of mind. Reflexology may also be effective in removing toxins, increasing circulation, helping with blood pressure control, as well as with boosting the immune system. It is an easy-to-learn, convenient-to- practice, and most effective holistic way to promote an individual’s health and well-being.

Upon program completion, students of the Meridian Reflexology Program will have received 200 contact hours of training, will receive a diploma, will be qualified to register with the health department of Tennessee state and practice as a professional in the reflexology field.

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Integrative Massage Program (800 hours)
Integrative massage is a therapeutic massage that organically combines the principles, techniques and application of massage and bodywork of both Eastern and Western massage techniques. This holistic approach treats the human body as an integrated whole, focusing on homeostasis among systems, body-mind-spirit balance, and the harmony of the human being and the natural world. This massage style uses different hands-on techniques from a combination of massage styles with strategies including therapeutic exercises to decrease somatic pain, reduce stress, increase the flow of the energy and coordinate the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual elements to encourage psychological/physiological change that can result in wellness and fitness-total health.

The Integrative Massage Curriculum (830 hours) includes 300 hours of anatomy, physiology and pathology of Western and Eastern, kinesiology, psychology and infectious disease management including HIV/AIDS and hygiene (standard precautions); 200 hours of massage history and practice including history, benefits of body-mind-spirits, indications and contraindications, assessments and charting, massage techniques and functions, body mechanics; 50 hours of exercises therapy and self-care; 150 hours of supervised clinic practice; 85 hours of business practice, communications skill, massage for special populations and the Americans with Disability Act, CPR/First Aid, adjunct modalities ; 25 hours preparation for license exam and 5 hours introduction of CAM ; 10 hours of ethics and 5 hours regarding Tennessee massage status and regulations. This program will meet the requirements of Tennessee Massage Licensure Board. The graduates of Brightness-Massage School for the Blind and Vision Impared will be ready to sit for the state license exam (MBLEx) or NCTMB Exam.

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Continuing Education Program
Brightness Massage School for the Blind offers courses on individual topics for those who want to study a specific discipline or expand their knowledge.

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